E01 – Drinking Manure

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On this inaugural episode, we tackle the ‘number two’ product of the dairy industry, manure! Our first guest is Dr. Robert Levine, CEO of Digested Organics, a technology startup that is transforming raw manure from dairy cows into crystal clean water that can be reused in the barn, along with valuable fertilizer products. Listen in to learn more about why manure treatment and recycling is critical to protecting our fresh water, land and climate for generations to come, and what new technologies are being creatively employed to solve the global livestock manure challenge. We start off the episode by discussing the impact of livestock farming, both in the US and abroad. Then, we get into the nitty (and very gritty) details of how to process dairy manure using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and other techniques. Issues of manure transport, crop nutrient management and lagoon maintenance are also discussed. Finally, we finish off by asking what the impact these technologies could have on the future of farming, and where exactly will get our drinking water supply in the future. Will we all be drinking recycled sewage? Tune in to find out! (Hint: Perhaps you already are!)

Here are some of the references discussed in the podcast:


2 thoughts on “E01 – Drinking Manure

  1. Great podcast! Thanks for sharing. That is a very difficult application and I am curious if there were any other details about the technology that made it unique that Bobby could share about.

    1. Hi Erik, thanks for your comment! For more information, I recommend visiting the technology page for Digested Organics’ Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System. Here is the link: https://www.digestedorganics.com/solutions/nutrient-concentration-water-reclamation/#tab-id-1

      Manure is indeed a challenging application. Most traditional solids separation technologies (such as DAF, centrifugation, etc.) really struggle to separate manure!


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