About Futureproofers

Futureproofers is a new podcast which follows scientists, entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives and others that are working to protect the world of tomorrow from the world of today. That means we will be looking at innovative initiatives that are being rolled out RIGHT NOW to deal with urgent global problems like habitat destruction, species extinctions, state collapse, forest depletion, coral reef bleaching, climate change, soil loss, overfishing, a

ntibiotic resistance, freshwater contamination, food insecurity, overpopulation, air pollution, surveillance, mineral exploitation, nuclear risks, and more! This show aims to educate as well as entertain, and will endeavor to go into some technical detail with each interviewee, but you won’t need a degree in the topic to follow along. We plan to ask some hard questions to tease apart what trends and technologies are truly revolutionary, and which are just hype. Join us!